martes, 03. 17. 2009

«Pablo Villoch brings an extensive background of experience that makes him not only an excellent professional but also a fantastic technical resource to have on one’s team. Pablo also has continously displayed a high level of professionalism and expertise in his work. His expertise is sought after and his work ethic is excellent. It was a pleasure working with Pablo and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a high level professional on Sustanability Issues with great deal of responsibility, commitment, leadership and goal oriented work.» (Nelson Nuñez Vidal, CSR Programme Director, Gestiona Soluciones Sostenibles, Global Compact Chile)

«Our coach was very good on responding to actual cultural cases I have encountered. He was really good on understanding the underlying values of the people. He is very friendly and rates highly in communicating from experience of situations. I would highlight Pablo´s insights into Chilean culture as well as his ability to tailor the program to our needs.» (Walter and Stella Cantatore, Managing Director, SKM MINMETALS, Australia / Chile,  after a Cross-Cultural Coaching program in partnership with Crown Relocations Hong Kong )

“He knows a lot about culture and has an excellent background due to his large experience in Latin America. In addition, the extra material prepared supported me a lot to handle new situations.  It will help me to understand some situations such as how to handle with conflicts with my colleagues. Also, now I understand some situations that happened when I started to work with them.” (Givanildo Aquino, Brazilian Controller  at Becton Dickinson BD Chile & Peru, after an Intercultural Training Program in partnership with Global Dynamics Inc.)

“Pablo coordina y gestiona su trabajo y el del resto del equipo con eficacia, detalle e integridad. Lo que hace que se gane la confianza no sólo del que contrata sus servicios directamente sino también la del equipo (clientes finales) para el que desarrolla su trabajo, que observa y vive en directo el resultado final de ese buen hacer. Despues de haber trabajado con él, puedo asegurar que los resultados de su trabajo son excelentes. Desde mi experiencia creo que esta excelencia se debe a la unión de tres factores fundamentales: – su expertise teórica, – su capacidad de encontrar ejemplos practicos sobre los que valida y apoya esa expertise. – su dedicación y orientación al cliente. Por todo ello, espero seguir contando y trabajando con él.” (Nieves Peña, Coach en Team Academy EuskadiTecnalia)

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